by John Eklof

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released February 21, 2016

my connection to God
my Betty Shabazz.
my brother Pavel (Lucifer Christ).
My family
My homies
My friends
My books
Raffy and Tim
Emcee Call
The Hell I had to go through in 2015



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John Eklof Lakewood, Washington

Je for President

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Track Name: The Commitment
be ready
be ready for it all
be ready to take a stand
be ready for the fall
be ready for the situations causing you to grow
be ready for the pain
be ready for the blows
be ready to come correct when you know that they wrong
be ready to face weakness when they know that you strong
be ready for life
but be ready for death
be ready for the revolution
this is the first step
Track Name: Dangers of Truth
yo my main thing is fuck everything in the mainstream
what is placed as the cool has us chasing the fool
now we maconohey and we dazed and confused
cuz we basing the truth off the way we can prove
that hey we making moves in alignment with people
that don’t believe that we equal corporations is satan
I hope they die from they evil every time
I’m performing got a middle finger for’em
I just keep it 100 give a fuck about your forum
wanna tell every kid that this is what it is
regardless of your wage they just see you as a slave
and the way they keep you down is to promise you a raise
so let’s come together on some love and some unity
and burn the fucking city down as a community
(uh) how come rappers don’t be talking like this?
down to break laws but naw not not this?

my main thing is fuck anything in the mainstream

let me tell the truth kid we should start a trend
disregards laws that we know are fucking stupid
go and get your friends and we can start a movement
including all the brown folks all the blacks
including all the gangsters holding on to straps
and all of the white people going for the scraps
imagine what would happen if we had something looking like that?
about a million people strong talking love and some unity
then we burned the city down as a community
so fuck all the fame homie let’s be historic
you wanna do it big well this like enormous
don’t you think that its insane that we stinking in this pain
I’ll let you have a moment let it sink in like drain (pause)
now find me all the sharpest shooters find me all the smartest martin luthers
and all the college students we gonna need them all for this empire to fall
just do me one favor watch out for the judas

yo the haters will just paint us as a heinous
group that is dangerous and they claim us that our aim is
cause a lot of harm and start the revolution
our response is that we sparking evolution
so stopping all confusion we are the product
the lessons you taught it you guessing we bought it
but now it backfired cuz instead of being robotic
we just being patriotic liberty or death
Track Name: 4/12/1964
history let’s explore
brotha malcolm in detroit
given his greatest speech so you know he’s on point
he’s saying it’s the ballot or the bullet
because what we need is freedom
coming from elections
or selection of the weapons
either way revolution is manifesting
its the American way
so we’ll do it out of tradition
but this time without the arrogance kay?
people of color gotta come together brother
the unity felt in community
when the God qualities of you and me
in-tuitively felt then we making harmony, bone thugs
all we got is dopeness, no drugs self
oh maybe just some weed
oh baby book to read
wretched of the earth yo that’s something that you need
liberation is life it’s something that you breathe
younger generations its something that you teach
connected to the ancestors working with the youth
and shoot I just tell’em all the truth you need to understand your roots
and them pictures of white jesus is the proof
that they capturing your mind like poof
Track Name: B&B Financial
brown and black celebrities ima need you to be a bit more diligent
brown and black celebrities ima need you to be a bit more militant
we don’t need you in the streets we just need you just speak
from your position and your influence think of all the people that you reach
Sean Carter could you help us make revolution cool again?
we organizing hooligans I think that would be prudent friend
so when barber shop debates are talking about the greats
when they’re mentioning your name this is something that they’ll say
wait Jay-Z was making waves but everything seemed to changed
when he played a part in making history outside of this music
brown and black celebrities don’t forget that we’re your core
brown and black celebrities why don’t you donate a little more
brown and black celebrities why don’t you open up another store or
help us build some institutions start a university
to startle the adversity that we’ve gargled since the nursery
let me stress it’s a test if we overcome class then we pass
derogatory terms calling all of us minorities
don’t matter if your money is majority
quick ask mike vick about that shit
he’ll tell you what it be like this is what I see like
class and the race intersections like a street like
we change it right now rearrange it right now
community all going super saiyan at the same time like blaoh
then we on another level kamemeha to the devils
damn it feel good to be rebel in ticker tap parade all day
everybody saying hey we ended the charade
now we finally got our freedom
Track Name: Holla at Ya Boycott
this is a perfect revolutionary situation
it’s time to pull the plug on the spinal cord of corporation
pick one stick one they all fall victim
to my melanated brothers and sisters
fuck barnes and noble and their predatory ways
overcharging students on textbooks today
sell it to you for the 2 hun but as soon as the school done
in fact when you try to sell it back
then they do you dirty only buy it for the thirty
that’s bullshit bro a hustle dawg think bout how much they bubble dawg
Track Name: Jay-E
life’s ills use to poison my body
had my saying fuck mic skills
this is my thought process follow
a tough pill to swallow was realizing
not everybody can be jay-z
beca you can call me crazy
but ever since back in the day folks has been calling me je
and I took that as a sign
cuz I’m out here trying to rhyme
on my record label grind and now his name is kinda sounding like mine
and they gave me that back in a time my listening habit was stillmatic
yes blueprint was getting naws if then I had to choose between the two
I swear to god I’m picking nas coming through speakers that wasn’t no neither
and I was willing to debating anybody that didn’t pick ether
and that was just plain and simple and the way I see life
it’s sustained by symbols so the similarities we had soon
turn me to stan quicker than fans getting turned on in june
cuz I was thinking I would be this rapper traveling globe
unraveling flow sold out arenas sun glasses cuz I’m battling my glow
and they’ll compare me to him I man I already know
like I seen it before it happen that’s why I’m laughing
now mind you, you can’t stop a mystic that’s optimistic
and looking back on it now yes I had goals but they were not specific
I just felt like I had what counts but that’s not statistics
plus you not getting far with dreams being a star
first you gotta come down to earth I don’t care who you are
question my self worth every time I wrote a verse
anything that came to mind always felt like subpar
so how can I be the next hov of rap when I know I holding back
no haven’t touched dope all I do is hold the wack
my soul attack is rep all the wood and the whole of tac
and I’ll be golden stat but it was all red lights a no go in fact
right on schedule disappointment showing up
because young dudes all around me out here blowing up
got 2 million views flowing bars in a garage
and I’m here struggling hard trying to get my song on a blog
while my pops screaming john get off the couch and get a job
I just told myself wait till I get tight with roc-a-fella
but I just became a deadbeat my life was acapella
and when your mom’s is hurting from not working
plus student loans is coming home
there’s just so much time you can spend in the zone writing poems
instead I gotta get me some bread get back in the black cuz I’m stuck in the red
but we back full circle remember what I said cuz life’s ills use to poison my body
had my saying fuck mic skills I never prayed to god I prayed I gotti
Track Name: Interplanetary Peace Talks
I promise you there’s probably other planets where everything is cool
no religion imprisoning no businessmen killing for benjamins
no immigrants sitting in detention over hypocritical sentencing
listen this intuition envisioning
I promise you theres’ probably other planets everybody got food
baby’s getting fed sermon on the mount everybody’s getting bread
everybody all real everybody all healed everybody all chill
I heard it in a dream this is what they said
in your heart there’s some truth
that connects to the all that connects to the root
that connect from the bottom that connects to the roof
and all of this together connects to the true
nature that we share paradox
what got in common is rare we know that we are one
when we’re with our peer/pairs
it appears
on other planets
Track Name: Freedom Now
how many social justice workshops must you attend
before you realize the ultimate question is simple
when are you ready to get this freedom
education is crucial but action is necessary
reading how to books are only as effective when you put it in practice

attention all people of color asians latinos natives pacific islanders black folks
everybody with a little bit of flavor everybody with a little bit of melanin
its time for the coalition of all coalitions
its time where we come together and truly unite
develop a bond so strong even the oppressors might will get goodnight

the moment is now for the liberation your heart has been praying for
the victory is sweeter than you can imagine
the triumph is more beautiful than you can comprehend
the summit of that mountain is such a breathtaking experience
you’ll never be the same
it’s heaven on earth brother and sisters
are you ready to go through hell to enter into the kingdom of god?

finally ready face your fears
finally ready let go what you’ve been holding back
see how fast the snap crack in that slingshot
bust Goliath in the dome piece hear the rock go smack

how many more times must your people die in the streets
how many more times must you lie in defeat
dreading to live another day because you broke but you still have to pay

our destiny is ready for us
and you feel deep down in your heart
that’s when the journey finally starts
Track Name: Truth Be Told
sacrifice my rap life
to resurrect my spirit
my consciousness evolves
if you ever check my lyrics
back in 06’ all I claimed was important
was getting fame and fortune
went back to school
then ____ got abortion
fast forward 010’
now I’m flowing on my own
my homies stopped rapping
so I’m growing on my own
started buzzing like a bumble
from my spoken worded poems
yo it’s wild
strangers in seattle showing
love up on the random
my style
is kind of malcolm x
I guess I get respect
they say I’m reincarnated
I just say I’m next
to tell the truth regardless
to powerful and heartless
ignorant and smartest
get ready

yo it’s time for revolution now
when this country meets atonement
from this microphone I’m holding now
I’m emboldened
my words turn to riots and resistance now
there’s magic in promoting
self reliance and persistence now
defiance of the status quo for instance now
yo it’s senseless how
they killing so many people that’s defenseless now
so no more writing verses
I finally found my purpose
telling melanated people
“please, could you let your genius surface?
you’re golden how could you feel worthless?!”
yo I’m talking dr. king and malcolm alchemy
to overcrowded halls people overflowing balconies
just to hear me speak
what’s written in their heart
if illuminating truth
is forbidden in the dark
then my weapon is my honesty
and I’m giving out some sparks