Dangers of Truth

from by John Eklof

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I'm giving a speech to a packed room. A multitude of Melanated people are in the audience. Different cultures. Different ethnicities. Brown and Black people. Young and Old. Even some white people but only the ones that are the most down. Everybody is militant. Everybody is woke. Everybody is unified. Everybody is loving. Everybody is bout it. Everybody is in tune with their highest self. Everybody is Super Saiyan.

I'm catching the spirit in the room. Thunderous applause of approval. I have captivated the audience completely. I've won them over and I'm taking my victory lap.


yo my main thing is fuck everything in the mainstream
what is placed as the cool has us chasing the fool
now we maconohey and we dazed and confused
cuz we basing the truth off the way we can prove
that hey we making moves in alignment with people
that don’t believe that we equal corporations is satan
I hope they die from they evil every time
I’m performing got a middle finger for’em
I just keep it 100 give a fuck about your forum
wanna tell every kid that this is what it is
regardless of your wage they just see you as a slave
and the way they keep you down is to promise you a raise
so let’s come together on some love and some unity
and burn the fucking city down as a community
(uh) how come rappers don’t be talking like this?
down to break laws but naw not not this?

my main thing is fuck anything in the mainstream

let me tell the truth kid we should start a trend
disregards laws that we know are fucking stupid
go and get your friends and we can start a movement
including all the brown folks all the blacks
including all the gangsters holding on to straps
and all of the white people going for the scraps
imagine what would happen if we had something looking like that?
about a million people strong talking love and some unity
then we burned the city down as a community
so fuck all the fame homie let’s be historic
you wanna do it big well this like enormous
don’t you think that its insane that we stinking in this pain
I’ll let you have a moment let it sink in like drain (pause)
now find me all the sharpest shooters find me all the smartest martin luthers
and all the college students we gonna need them all for this empire to fall
just do me one favor watch out for the judas

yo the haters will just paint us as a heinous
group that is dangerous and they claim us that our aim is
cause a lot of harm and start the revolution
our response is that we sparking evolution
so stopping all confusion we are the product
the lessons you taught it you guessing we bought it
but now it backfired cuz instead of being robotic
we just being patriotic liberty or death


from TEOTB, released February 21, 2016



all rights reserved


John Eklof Lakewood, Washington

Je for President

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