from by John Eklof

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Driving around Lakewood scene


life’s ills use to poison my body
had my saying fuck mic skills
this is my thought process follow
a tough pill to swallow was realizing
not everybody can be jay-z
beca you can call me crazy
but ever since back in the day folks has been calling me je
and I took that as a sign
cuz I’m out here trying to rhyme
on my record label grind and now his name is kinda sounding like mine
and they gave me that back in a time my listening habit was stillmatic
yes blueprint was getting naws if then I had to choose between the two
I swear to god I’m picking nas coming through speakers that wasn’t no neither
and I was willing to debating anybody that didn’t pick ether
and that was just plain and simple and the way I see life
it’s sustained by symbols so the similarities we had soon
turn me to stan quicker than fans getting turned on in june
cuz I was thinking I would be this rapper traveling globe
unraveling flow sold out arenas sun glasses cuz I’m battling my glow
and they’ll compare me to him I man I already know
like I seen it before it happen that’s why I’m laughing
now mind you, you can’t stop a mystic that’s optimistic
and looking back on it now yes I had goals but they were not specific
I just felt like I had what counts but that’s not statistics
plus you not getting far with dreams being a star
first you gotta come down to earth I don’t care who you are
question my self worth every time I wrote a verse
anything that came to mind always felt like subpar
so how can I be the next hov of rap when I know I holding back
no haven’t touched dope all I do is hold the wack
my soul attack is rep all the wood and the whole of tac
and I’ll be golden stat but it was all red lights a no go in fact
right on schedule disappointment showing up
because young dudes all around me out here blowing up
got 2 million views flowing bars in a garage
and I’m here struggling hard trying to get my song on a blog
while my pops screaming john get off the couch and get a job
I just told myself wait till I get tight with roc-a-fella
but I just became a deadbeat my life was acapella
and when your mom’s is hurting from not working
plus student loans is coming home
there’s just so much time you can spend in the zone writing poems
instead I gotta get me some bread get back in the black cuz I’m stuck in the red
but we back full circle remember what I said cuz life’s ills use to poison my body
had my saying fuck mic skills I never prayed to god I prayed I gotti


from TEOTB, released February 21, 2016



all rights reserved


John Eklof Lakewood, Washington

Je for President

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